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Product Guarantee

We guarantee that all our merchandise, pearls, diamonds and colored stones are genuine.  We do not sell any imitation pearls.  All our jewelry is set in either 14K or 18K yellow or white gold, unless otherwise specified.

Since pearls are products of mother nature, every pearl is one of a kind and no two pearls will be exactly alike.  Bearing this in mind, we will offer you pearls that are similar to the ones photographed on our website, unless otherwise stated.  There may be slight variations in color and shape, since our pearls are genuine and not imitation.  Please be rest assured that you will be receiving the pearls that match our product specifications as close as possible.


* Luster Grading System for Japanese Akoya Pearls

Below are basic guidelines for luster grading of our Japanese Akoya Pearls. 

A – Noticeable flaws, medium luster with thinner nacre.

AA – Some flaws, medium to high luster with a thick nacre.

AA+ - Minimal flaws, high luster with a thicker nacre.

AAA – Very minimal to no flaws, very high luster with the thickest nacre.


* Luster Grading System for Tahitian Pearls 

Below are basic guidelines for luster grading of our Tahitian Pearls.  

A – Noticeable flaws with moderate luster

AA – Minor flaws with medium luster

AAA – Very few flaws with high luster


* We are not liable for any misinterpretation of our luster grading system.